Sigiriya Rock Fortress
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Towering 200 meters, Sigiriya has the most mind boggling view in Sri Lanka. Besides a taunting past, Sigiriya rock fortress is a now both a tourist attraction and an area of study. Dating to the 3rd century and playing different roles in Sri Lanka’s government business, a lot about the fortress is still being uncovered.

This culminates to the ultimate tourist attraction site. As a tourist with an interest in history, a love of heights, architecture, ancient artefacts, engineering, government policies, human settlements or modern tourism Sigiriya is a rock fortress of many hats.

The systematic layout of the different water features and the landscape architecture that occurred in the ancient years before Christ, puts modern architecture to a test. While hiking to the top of the rock, the logistics and hard work of curving the lion’s claws and the said lion’s head will challenge your imagination.

Sigiriya rock fortress and lion rock is known as one of the world wonders and it is truly a magnificent place to explore.
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