Sembuwatta Lake
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Sembuwaththa Lake also known as Sembuwatta Wewa in Sinhalese is a beautiful man made lake and tourist attraction. It is situated at Elkaduwa tea plantation in Matale district.

The lake is situated 25km from the main road. While driving up the hill,you are ushered in by Campbell’s lane Forest reserve to the pristine location.Even though the lake is man made, it is quite the spectacle of unique land formations as it blends to its surrounding natural environment.

The lake is said be a staggering 30 to 40 feet. While you cannot swim in the lake, a natural spring, which is the water catchment area of the lake, is located nearby where you can swim after hiking up the hill.  Even though Bird watching and spotting has not been developed to a full fledged event yet but you can easily compete with your imagination as the birds play merry with the unique skyline. Although you will be required to pay unlike other lake regions in the country, Lake Sembuwaththa has more to offer more than you can bargain for. It is by far the best composition of manmade feature fitting perfectly into the natural environment.
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