Sembuwatta Lake

Sembuwatta Lake also known as Sembuwaththa Wewa in Sinhalese is a beautiful man-made lake and tourist attraction located at Elkaduwa tea plantation in Matale district. Their workers have a non-tiring view of their surroundings. Especially because the company owns the premises of the lake. The lake is about a staggering 30 to 40 feet. When you driving up the hill about 25km from the main road, you can find this lake by the Campbell’s lane Forest reserve. It is quite the spectacle of unique land formations as it blends to its surrounding natural environment.

You cannot swim in the lake. But there is a natural spring nearby where you can swim after hiking up the hill. Bird lovers would easily fall in love with this place as the birds play merrily with the unique skyline. You can simply leisure walk around the lake as the pristine location offers its best in terms of scenery, peace, and calm weather. You are required to pay an entrance fee to the premise as it is located in a private property.

Ambiance, tranquility, serenity, and calm

Hiking to lake Sembuwatta for a leisure walk should certainly be in your bucket list. The reason being, the natural grounds as well as other manmade features in the area make it possible. This includes features such as the Hunnas waterfall. The water is quite the view in the area as you make you the way to the lake. The ambient sound of water is quite relaxing as you view the natural magnificence. If a leisure walking isn’t enough, you can hike to the nearby knuckles mountain range.

Lake Sembuwatte has the best view of one of the most sacred Buddhist shrines. Temple of the Tooth Relic is visible from the lake’s shores with a striking scene of the shrine. While at the location, you can’t help it but enjoy the calm and serene environment. Hanthana mountain range contributes to this scenic view as it spreads into the horizon including Ambuluwawa mountain completes the scenery on a high note to make a perfect tourist attraction site. The lake provides travelers with a lifetime experience of ambiance, tranquility, serenity, and calm.

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