Ambuluwawa Temple & Biodiversity Complex

A Tale of Peace and Serenity....

Ambuluwawa Temple is a tale of many legends. The legends contribute to the scenic temple and its magnificent surrounding.You can come across the true meaning of diversity at this scenic and serene location. There is a Buddhist temple , a Hindu Shrine, a chapel, a mosque which represent the peace and unity. This symphony is perfect for the location and the country at large.

Ambuluwawa is also famous for rich biodiversity it houses in Ambuluwawa Biodiversity Complex.

Ambuluwawa, a rock mountain , whose rocks are said to be composed of a rare Inselberg which is least prone to erosion despite of heavy rainfall throughout the year. Although as a result of such heavy rainfall this area is covered with different varieties of plantations. This is the most iconic and treasured biodiversity for the residence of Gampola town next to Ambuluwawa temple.T

Multi Religious Centre and Biodiversity Complex

Ambuluwawa is located in the kingdom of the great Sinhala King Buvanekabahu IV who reigned in 14th century, Gampola. The Ambuluwawa bio diversity center is inaugurated by Hon.D.M. Jayarathna and considered to be the first multi religious centre. The endeavor of constructing Ambuluwawa temple, peak and the rest of the features was so great, that poems were written to commemorate the achievement of the same. This simple yet distinct multi religious representation, is an amalgamation of the relentlessness of  Sri Lankan citizens and the ambient peaceful nation.

Ambuluwawa as scenic as it is, is not thrown at your face. The serene environment is of gradual beauty which grows on you as you reach the mountain leaving Gampola town. The peak is seen from town level with its impeccable design of spiral staircase welcomes you to the region. As you approach Ambuluwawa,you come across  two ponds which adds to the natural aura of the mountainous region. A seated Buddha overlooks the temple and the immaculate grounds that have been well maintained in the region. As expected tourists are often interested in the watch tower which does not disappoint at all. After each ascend up the flight of stairs, there is a watch bay where you can view the surrounding mountain region.

The three sixty view of the surrounding location is exciting as well as humbling. Each floor enables you to take in as much as possible,  the top floor raise to the occasion to the best view in town.

“Sri Lanka has a lot to offer to the world and Ambuluwawa is definitely one of the beautiful feather in  crown of majestic beauty enthroned on Sri Lanka by Mother Nature.”

The town can easily brag of the priceless view of the Ambuluwawa peak and temple.The peak is situated at staggering height of 1965 feet from town level. It provides one of the best top views in Sri Lanka from top of the peak. The peak is 365 feet above mean sea level which provides a visitor with one of the most amazing view of the mountainous region and the surrounding areas.The temple and the observation tower gives one of the best view of the area which is complemented by manicured lawns, perfect hedges and striking designs of the surrounding buildings such as the bell tower. Ambuluwawa is a perfect representation of unity and peace simply by its striking looks, perfect design, immaculate location and representation of main religions of the island.

"Located 3,567 ft. above mean sea level, Ambuluwawa mountain hosts a hill top tourist spot that houses a biodiversity complex celebrating environmentalism and cultural and religious diversity."

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