Ambuluwawa Multi Religious & Biodiversity Complex

Ambuluwawa Temple is a tale of many legends. The legends contribute to the scenic temple and its magnificent surrounding. You can come across the true meaning of diversity at this scenic and serene location. There is a Buddhist temple, a Hindu Shrine, a chapel, a mosque which represent the peace and unity. This symphony is perfect for the location and the country at large.

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Sigiriya – The Eighth Wonder of the World Candidate

Enormous lion claws, lakes, hydraulic systems, canals, dams and fountains are a rare combination in an ancient location discovery. This selection of items would be a wild guess belong to a very modern museum designed by the world’s greatest architects. Towering 200 meters, Sigiriya has the most mind-boggling view in Sri Lanka. Besides a taunting past, Sigiriya rock fortress is a now both a tourist attraction and an area of study. Dating to the 3rd century and playing different roles in Sri Lanka’s government business, a lot about the fortress is still being uncovered.

Sigiriya rock fortress aka lion rock is known as one of the world wonders and it is truly a magnificent place to explore.

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