Pearl of Indian Ocean

Sri Lanka is more of an experience than a mere travel destination.

Sri Lanka

Year-round sunshine, sparkling shores, aromatic teas, elephants munching on the roads casually, incredible mountain views, distinctive food – What more do we expect from travelling?

Despite it’s breathtaking vacationing and exciting qualities, Sri Lanka is very less travelled and underrated. This island nation hooks the traveller’s attention with its unequivocal charm and compels them to visit it again.

Though it is a tiny island, Sri Lanka has got 8 UNESCO recognized World Heritage Sites. No matter, whether you want to enjoy your coffee amidst the beautiful plantation or trek a mountain or relax on a beach, pristine Sri Lanka has got something to offer for everyone.

With lovely beaches and year-round sunshine, spicy cuisine, extravagant nature, serene Buddhist tradition, enchanting mountain views, grand culture, exciting history, this magical island has got everything to be a perfect tourist destination.

Sri Lanka is more of an experience than a mere travel destination.

What’s Your Pick?

This magical island has got everything to be a perfect tourist destination.

Theravada Buddhism

Sri Lanka has been a centre of Buddhist scholarship and learning since the introduction of Buddhism in the third century BCE.  Throughout most of its history, Sri Lankan kings have played a major role in the maintenance and revival of the Buddhist institutions of the island. 

There are around 6,000 Buddhist monasteries on Sri Lanka. These Buddhist temples, ancient Buddhist history, monasteries are sanctuaries for meditation and learning of Buddhism. Most of the Sri Lankans practice Theravada Buddhism. Sri Lanka has the longest continuous history of Buddhism of any Buddhist nation.

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Marvelous Wild Life

Sri Lanka is an island with exquisite beauty that is unmatched. The land is filled with wild life – be it in the marine life or big game animals. The main attraction of Sri Lanka is elephants.

These majestic animals are found at several of their national parks. Sightings of the leopards, sloth bear, lizards, blue whales, dolphins are also something that brings tourists here. The wildlife is protected and so it is our duty as tourists to abide by the rules of the country.

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Scenic Train Journey

Travellers to Sri Lanka can make their journey memorable by trying the train journeys across the island. These routes pass through pine forests, tea estates and much more to give you breathless views and scenes of the country. The lush forests and the lush green tea gardens of the East give you great photos to capture.

The Demodara bridge with nine arches is a must see. Check out the sight through the glass windows of your train and find peace and tranquillity. This scenic country has something to offer everyone and a train journey is just the way to go about it.

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Elegant Waterfalls

Some mountains are dressed up with great and elegant waterfalls and Sri Lanka amalgamates all these waterfalls into beauty and purity. One can enjoy the waterfall from the way it pretends to be.

Nature has curated the best scenes to be enjoyed with friends or family on this amazing island. There are over hundred of enchanting waterfalls in Sri Lanka. 

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Exquisite Cuisine

No one expects such a wide yet consistency of extremely delectable cuisine in a tiny nation like Sri Lanka. distantly relative to Indian cuisine, there are different delicacies which are found only in Sri Lanka.

There are various exotic fruits which are both colourful and delicious. Sri Lanka offers different cuisines on the coast and in-land. The genuinely local food may challenge you with its spice quotient.

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Cool Climate and the Green Mountains

Sri Lanka is blessed to have the world’s finest setting of nature and love. The overwhelming climate with the breeze and fresh air enjoying a holiday with friends in the midst of Green Mountains is more than a blessing.

Sri Lanka is the best place to eradicate negativity under the cold climate and ascetic mountains.

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Enticing Sandy Beaches

Surrounded by deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal Sri Lanka has many enchanting golden sandy beaches one of the best beach holiday experiences. Various water sports such as boating, surfing, sea diving, jet-ski racing are some of the activities you can experience while you are on your holiday.

The clean waters and white sandy shores of Sri Lankan beaches are mystical and endearing. One of the things that top the list in Sri Lanka travel are the beaches. The air is usually chilly in December, making it the best time of the year to visit these charming beaches.

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Friendly Locals & Culture

Sri Lankan locals are modest, generous and generally positive attitude people. They are often seen smiling and chilling out with their friends, especially in the villages. 

Main ethnic & cultural groups on the island include Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims. The inviting locals are always in delight to explain their culture and traditions.

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Historic & Religious Heritage

The giant stupas, historical ruins, colonial architectural testaments, hundreds of giant man-made lakes and many other traces of 2500+ years old history are the common things you find in every corner of Sri Lanka. 

The UNESCO World heritage sites such as Lion Rock aka Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa runic city are examples of ancient Sri Lankan art and architecture.

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Be a Responsible and Ecofriendly Traveller while you explore Sri Lanka

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